An Intimate Coastal wedding in Cambria

Randalyn and Amir's intimate central coast wedding in a field in Cambria.

The Charm of an intimate Cambria Wedding

Randalyn and Amir planned their wedding in Cambria as a true tribute to their journey together. With the intention that every aspect of their wedding day truly captured who they are as a couple. They took their guests along with them on a meaningful journey of places that were heartfelt to them. The day of the wedding began at Moonstone beach in Cambria. This was a spot where they've shared many special moments with their beloved bulldog Blue. Followed by an intimate wedding ceremony in a field of a nature preserve that they have loved for many years. The festivities continued with a fun road trip in their camper van down the Central Coast to Cayucos, where they celebrated with a reception at the historic Cass House wedding venue.

Their wedding day was a beautiful reflection of their love story - full of adventure, meaningful moments, and the beauty of nature. And where else but in Cambria to capture all these wonderful elements?

The idea of an intimate wedding goes beyond the guest list; it's all about creating a special experience where you focus on those who truly matter, appreciate meaningful places, and savor each moment. It's about choosing what speaks to your heart and lovingly crafting every little detail. For example, they picked flower colors inspired by their parents' wedding. In addition, the bride carried her mom's clutch and even had a handkerchief made from a piece of her veil. They exchanged personal vows, and their sister shared heartfelt wishes from the guests during the ceremony. They even included their bulldog Blue in the ceremony. Afterwards, they spent the day cruising around the Cambria coastline in their beloved camper van.

Randalyn & Amir sought candid and non-traditional wedding photography that would capture the feeling of the day. My approach was to focus on genuine & candid moments rather than staged photos. Given the intimate and personal nature of their wedding, I knew it would be an amazing story to tell. Also, We discussed how having the wedding day captured on film would really bring out the natural beauty of Cambria. We loved how 35mm film photography had a timeless and nostalgic look. As a wedding photographer, it truly inspires me when my couples really create an exceptional experience for their guests. Creating an ambiance that feels authentic and relaxed truly allows everyone to be present with you and celebrate in your joy.

Bride and groom kissing, captured by Kadi Tobin, a Documentary and Candid wedding photographer in the central coast

The Scenic Beauty of Cambria

Nestled along the beautiful central coast of California, Cambria is a small town with big charm. Its breathtaking ocean views, rugged cliffs, and serene beaches make it the perfect place for an intimate destination wedding.

For those seeking an idyllic backdrop that blends natural beauty with an intimate atmosphere, few places compare to the serene charm that can be found in Cambria. The charming coastal town boasts pristine untouched beaches and woods with stunning hiking trails winding through nature preserves. The town is brimming with character and exudes a laid-back charm. In addition, it's filled with hidden gems of cozy cafes and great restaurants. It's a perfect place to bring your wedding guests to enjoy a lovely weekend.

Beginning the day at Moonstone Beach.

Moonstone Beach, with its rugged coastline and clusters of glistening rocks, offers more than just an captivating landscape. For Randalyn and Amir, it was a special place where they created some of their most treasured memories. Starting their wedding day here meant the world to them.

Steps away from Moonstone beach lies the gorgeous White Water Lodge boutique hotel. The lodge's ocean views and beautiful interior design truly enhanced the wedding day. Plus, it's proximity to Cambria's rocky coastline is a dream.  If you're looking for a romantic and intimate wedding day, White Water Lodge is the perfect place to start your morning

The bride and her friends took a lovely early morning stroll along the Moonstone beach boardwalk. They playfully danced along the boardwalk. Meanwhile, they excitedly searched for dolphins. Suddenly a few popped out of the ocean in the distance, a lucky sign. The bride and her friends headed back to the White Water lodge to finish preparing for the wedding day. At the same time, Amir and his groomsmen spent the morning lounging by the ocean and going for a surf.

A Wedding in The Woods at the Fiscalini Ranch Preserve in Cambria

Fiscalini Ranch Preserve is a hidden gem in Cambria, California. It is a beloved spot for outdoor enthusiasts and hikers. You'll find a beautiful coastal trail for bird-watching and a few inland trails to observe wildlife. Randalyn and Amir decided to have their wedding ceremony in a clearing at the Fiscalini Ranch Preserve surrounded by the towering pine and oak trees, surrounded by nature and their loved ones.

Randalyn and Amir took their closest friends and family to their favorite trail in the Fiscalini Ranch Preserve to say their vows. The Cambria state park's dense woods and open field was a perfect backdrop for an intimate ceremony because we were the only people there. Amongst tall pines and under the open sky, the couple said their "I do's" in a ceremony that was both personal and rural. As the sun began to set, the couple shared a kiss and walked back down hand in hand.

The bride made her grand entrance through a clearing in Monterey pines, escorted by her father, while soft music played in the background. The groom felt overjoyed as her veil fluttered in the wind -it was truly stunning.

Choosing a woodsy nature preserve for their ceremony was an act of reverence for the untamed beauty of nature, but also a recognition of the grounding forces it represents. The field they picked, was the perfect stage for the beginning of their life's second act.

Here, with a select few looking on, they said their vows, as their beloved bulldog Blue looked on. Additionally, the couple decided to take a special moment in the ceremony to officially adopt Blue.

The Reception in Cayucos

Following the ceremony, we left the city of Cambria and all drove south to the city of Cayuos for the wedding reception. Along the way we made stops for some scenic photos along the central coast. Cayucos has sentimental value to them as it is where they shared one of their first vacations together. The wedding reception was located at the Cass House. The venue is a beautiful historical bed and breakfast that is located near the pier at Cayucos State Beach.

The Cass House is a charming Victorian house built in 1867, lovingly restored while still maintaining its original allure. There, a larger group of friends and family and friends was awaiting the newlyweds.

At this time, guests gathered on the front lawn, enjoying wood-fired appetizers and sipping local wines. They cheered for the newlyweds as Randalyn and Amir made their entrance to the cocktail hour from the balcony of the Cass House, waving down at everyone with joy.

As night fell guests enjoyed a delicious family-style dinner at elongated tables. Blue and the newlyweds mingled, exchanging greetings & pets with everyone. At last, the evening concluded with an extraordinary dessert spread, showcasing a variety of delectable treats from their beloved eateries.

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